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The go-to platform for back-end development

Arın Özkula
3 min readApr 11, 2022

In the last couple of years, web & application development has been experiencing an exciting “decoupling” phase. The adoption of Javascript by front-end developers followed by the emergence of serverless & microservices led to new movements such as Headless CMS & e-commerce and Jamstack (which stands for Javascript, APIs & Markup).

Jamstack has been transformational in separating front-end from back-end, allowing front-end developers to focus entirely on developing websites & apps without worrying about the infrastructure. Companies like Vercel & Netlify have been successfully leading this transformation, with thousands of front-end developers using their services.

While platforms for front-end development have been evolving, a holistic, comprehensive solution for back-end development is missing. No-code app development tools are not scalable, limiting them to MVP-level product development. Low-code enterprise development tools, on the other hand, are not easy to use, take a long time to learn & are typically suitable for internal application development. Today, there is no true scalable backend infrastructure platform that enables the creation of web services & apps.

Enter Altogic

Altogic is a powerful backend service development and execution platform that helps you to easily build, deploy and manage scalable web services. The visual no-code development capabilities available on the platform make it easier, faster and more efficient to develop complex and scalable back-ends.

The platform pre-integrates many capabilities such as authentication & authorization, data modeling, document management, caching, cron jobs, message queues and external APIs, allowing back-end devs to quickly launch and iterate on their ideas in a collaborative environment where they can work with other team members. Such a platform saves time, allows for faster time-to-market, and creates flexibility while preserving the complexity needed for truly powerful applications.

The Altogic Platform

Altogic wants to be the go-to platform for back-end development, and we believe they can revolutionize the development process for back-end devs in a similar fashion to what has been happening in the front-end dev space. And what we hear from developers using the platform justifies our belief.

Strong technical co-founders leading product

Ümit developed Altogic singlehandedly by himself, working on the platform over the last year after thinking there is a significant bottleneck in software development. With a background as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company’s Chicago and Istanbul offices & at Accenture, Ümit has a strong technical background coupled with a strategic mindset.

With a product background at Huawei, Deniz has a clear understanding of the necessity of the product stack and is focused on building the back-end dev community at Altogic.

We are happy to be part of Altogic’s investment round led by ScaleX & to co-invest with Serhat. And we are definitely looking forward to partnering with Ümit & Deniz to witness the transformation in back-end development in the coming years.

Welcome to the family!



Arın Özkula

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